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Wow,  I have been so busy, here there and everywhere.  I was supposed to go to Liverpool today but everything was changed and I am going tomorrow instead.  I also got a job which is a short cameo and I have to fall in a lake so we went swimming today to practise going under the water and floating on the surface.  I don’t know what they want me to do yet but it was good fun practising.  Mum said not to do it too good otherwise the lifeguards would be jumping in. I had some basic scuba diving instruction last year but...



Yesterday I was due to return home after filming for CBBC in Liverpool.  We saw a news story on the t.v. in the morning and decided to go and have a look at a parade that was taking place all around Liverpool. It was part of the stories about The Titanic and in the three-day event, the 50ft diver wanders the city searching for his “little girl” niece, to give her a letter he discovered in the wreck written to her by her dead father .       We were staying at a hotel at Albert Dock and the Diver...

More Pics

Here are some more pictures from my window.    


Got him, at last.  I have been trying to get a good photo of my Woodpecker and today I got him.  Also a clever squirrel climbing the chain to get to the nuts and a moorhen underneath picking up all the bits that dropped.  A good day for wildlife.  


I am doing all the jobs today.  I made breakfast and I am going to make some lunch for my mum.  My mum was born on Friday the 13th so she says it is lucky for her and she is going to buy some lottery tickets.


Yesterday I went to the new Go Ape at Trent Park with my mum and my brother and his wife.  I felt really scared at first and when I did my first climb to the top of the tree to walk across some planks and slide down a zip wire, my heart was nearly jumping out of my chest and my legs were like jelly.  I found the balancing obstacles o.k. and they were not too scary but some of the heights down the zip wires were really scary and sometimes you had to swing like Tarzan into a net.  It was really...


Today we were watching The Wright Stuff and they were talking about the word BLACK being changed in the nursery rhyme BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP.  My mum said it was a rhyme about paying a third of the wool you produced to the landlord or tax collector.  The saying BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY was to do with being less wanted because black wool was not wanted as much as white wool.  You couldn’t dye it different colours.  

Easter Time

Easter Time

How does the guy on the HTC1 skydiving advert work the screen with gloves on? Great advert though.