Monthly Archive: June 2012


Last night I watched some of Line of Duty.  I couldn’t watch all of it because Mum said it wasn’t for kids.  I wanted to see MARTIN COMPSTON. . . I did a film with Martin called Fatherly Love, then it was called Guardian Angel and he was a burglar and he used me to get into houses through small windows.  We were filming in a back street behind some garages and the way was closed off.  A man in a car came through and when he was asked to wait a minute by the crew, he took off and...


This is my number 100 post on my artifarty website .  The website started two years ago and this new one was upgraded last year.  I hope you find it interesting. Last Thursday I went to the private screening of ‘No Ball Games’ by Richard Pengelley.  It was very good and lots of people were there.  I was the only kid but it was fine because lots of people talked to me anyway and  Richard, the director and Georgina, the producer and the crew were all very friendly and made me very welcome.  Here is a picture of Richard Pengelley...


This is my friends dog sunbathing on a  lounger.  


This weekend I filmed a music video for a band called ‘Not made in China’.  The weather on Saturday was really windy and it made it very hard because everything kept blowing away.  Sunday was better and I got to do some fun stuff.   The track is called ‘The Rat Race’  

The Physician

Last Wednesday I went to Berlin to try on my wardrobe.  I met Tom Payne who is playing the main role.  I am the younger version.  He has had his hair cut off and I have to have mine done too!  Good bye long hair, for a while.  It was great to meet him cos we won’t be there at the same time.  I will be with Stellan Skarsgard.  I am very excited to meet him.  He has just been in The Avengers Assembled!! Tom Payne  and                                                                                                                 Stellan Skarsgard                                           


I was in Regent’s Park today to rehearse for short film next week.  We were using the park and it reminded me of last year.  We were close to the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre where I played Perceval in The Lord of The Flies last year.   I could hear somebody else rehearsing and there was music playing in the theatre and it was wierd.    



My friend Jake came over today and we had lots of plans but it just rained and rained all day.  We went into the woods and tried to build a den next to the pond but we got soaked and came back to my house and played computer games instead.  I have finished the main quest on Skyrim.


Sorry about the lack of news.  I have been very busy with lots of different things.  We went to the  Jubilee concert and had a really good time.  It was packed with people and everybody was sitting on the grass in the park with picnics and blankets.  We were on The Mall and we watched the concert on the big screens.   We went to St Paul’s and we went to a little restaurant close by called Cote Brassier and I had some special toast with fish lemony paste stuff and it was delicious. I am going to Berlin next week for...