Monthly Archive: November 2011

Winter Wonderland

I didn’t buy a lollipop but I thought they looked so colourful.  I only had my little camera with me which is not so good, but they still look exciting.  

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Just got back from Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.  I had a lovely Wilderbeast Burger which was very expensive but I really enjoyed it.  I went on a few rides but the circus was the best.  The rides were expensive but the circus was worth the money.  The guys on the motorbikes were awesome and another man rode on a big spinning cage which went right up to the top and he walked over the drum whilst it was spinning with no safety rope!!!    

The Awakening Film

Here is a photograph of Shaun Dooley having a laugh with Joseph Mawle during a break whilst filming The Awakening.

Christmas cards

Download and use for christmas card.   Optional small donation appreciated for Barnardo’s at:-  

London Zoo

I took this photograph at London Zoo.   It looks like a painting but it isn’t.  It was steamy and hot.  I think the steam gave the picture atomosphere.


I didn’t get time at school today to do my directing.  Never mind I am looking forward to tomorrow because we  will be doing more rehearsals for our show, ‘Nightmare before Christmas’.  We have three performances on the 4th December at The Bull Theatre in Barnet.   It is my brother’s birthday on the next day and I have that day off which is good.  I hope he can visit this weekend because I want to build an assault course for the squirrels in the woods behind my house.  I hope I can get some good photographs of them doing funny...

Fancy a burger

I took this picture near Cairo whilst we were travelling through.  It was over a year ago before all the trouble started.  We also visited the Cairo museum and I saw King Tut and all the wonders.  Such a pity it is all  spoilt now.  I wonder when it will all end. I decided against having a camel burger!  I like camels.

Scary Picture

I took this photo a while ago and these crabs are  as big as they look!  Their legs were about two foot long and their faces look really scary.  If they had come any closer I would be running like an olympic athlete!