Monthly Archive: December 2013


Wishing everybody a great New Year.  This year has been fantastic and I have been working in Germany, Spain, Austria and the UK and I have met lots of wonderful people.   Special thanks to everyone who has supported me this year, you know who you are.  


WW1 Performance Pack. In January BBC School Radio begins a series of programmes to download offering everything you need to rehearse and perform our play Archie Dobson’s War, commemorating the outbreak of World War 1. Podcasts begin on 15/22/29th January 2014. I play Archie.  

The World according to Garp

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on the 5th January for the first episode of The World according to Garp, I will be playing Young Garp in episode 1.  and Duncan in 2 and 3. Episode 1 The World According to Garp Episode 1 of 3 Duration:  58 minutes First broadcast:              Sunday 05 January 2014               3.00 p.m.  John Irving’s audacious, darkly comic and heartbreaking story about the life and times of T.S. Garp dramatised by Linda Marshall Griffiths. New England 1942. Garp is born to nurse Jenny Fields,...

The young 1s Christmas Show

Hi,  I will be on the internet radio site for from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  We will be doing a special show with 6 presenters, so lots of chat and great music. Join in the fun and games and log onto the site There will be me,  Reggie, Beverley, Olivia, Sean and Lucy Cook and today we have Jasper doing the tech. I will put some photos in later.   Have a great Christmas Day.


More news on The Physician World Premier.   Here is a vimeo link to the evening after we had watched the film, there is a little bit of me on the end.   

Nearly Christmas

I am really looking forward to Christmas.  I went to Westfield Shopping Centre at Shepherds Bush to meet the Wardrobe Manager for my next project.  He bought me loads of great clothes.  The decorations in the malls were fantastic and there is an ice skating rink.  There were a lot of designer shops that didn’t have the prices on the items.  So I think it was a case of,  if you need to ask the price, you can’t afford it.  We walked around after we finished getting the wardrobe clothes and we didn’t see everything because you would need a...


Wow! what a busy couple of days.  I am back home now after attending the world premier of ‘The Physician’ in Berlin.  It was filmed by a German film company and is showing first in Germany then Spain and negotiations are still on going for the rest of the world! I had a great time, I really enjoyed the film and the locations were amazing.  I also met up with Tom Payne who plays Rob Cole, my older self, and Stellen Skarsgard who plays The Barber, my substitute father figure, and Olivier Martinez,  Elyas M’Barek, Fahri Yardim and Emma Rigby. I got...


Yesterday Emily, Jade and me finished recording a radio drama for the BBC.  It is called ‘Archie Dobson’s War’ written by Rob John and produced by the lovely Marie Crook and Stuart Fyfe.   It will be transmitted in January and it is a really moving story.  I will let you know the transmission dates later.   Marie and Stuart and everybody involved were lovely and they made us very welcome and comfortable.   I met up with Stephanie Racine who played my aunt on this project, she played my mum on a previous drama for the BBC, called ‘Storm’...


Congratulations to Alex Jarrett  in the junior round of @MonologueSlamUK @TriForceEvents  the winner.  I had a really good time on my first experience, doing a monologue on a stage and watched by a couple of hundred people.  I wrote my own piece and it was inspired by my Uncle who does have high spectrum Aspergers and Tourettes.   Here is the youtube link…. Next year there is going to be a separate junior section which is most probably a good idea after watching my mum cringing in her seat while watching the adult’s section which contained some rude bits! My...

The Moet British Independent Film Awards

Following on from the great news yesterday.  Here is a picture of the director of Z1 Gabriel Gauchet receiving the news that he has won the Best Independent short film.     Screen Terrier ‏@Screenterrier10 Dec Congratulations to Z1, winner of the Best British Short Film at the BIFAs, starring young Adam Thomas Wright @Atominator ! #MBIFA #Z1