Wow,  I have been so busy, here there and everywhere.  I was supposed to go to Liverpool today but everything was changed and I am going tomorrow instead.  I also got a job which is a short cameo and I have to fall in a lake so we went swimming today to practise going under the water and floating on the surface.  I don’t know what they want me to do yet but it was good fun practising.  Mum said not to do it too good otherwise the lifeguards would be jumping in.

I had some basic scuba diving instruction last year but I have to be 12 years old to join a proper course.  I will be 12 in November so I would like to do that.  I really liked it .  My mum used to do scuba diving and we have been snorkelling on holiday but proper diving will be awesome.  The one with the PINK fins is me,  not my choice of colour!