Monthly Archive: July 2015


I went to BBC Broadcasting House yesterday to record a new drama.  I met up with a few people I had worked with before which was nice and I met academy award winning actress Juliet Aubrey.  She has just finished a film alongside Bryan Cranston.  I have just finished watching ‘Breaking Bad’ and I was interested to know what he was like, she said ‘he was really nice’. Juliet played my  adoptive mum in the drama and we had a good laugh.        


If you missed ‘The Outcast last night’, you can catch up on BBCiplayer:- I play Ed Rawlings as a child.  He is not a very nice child and a bit of a bully.  Finn Elliot played Lewis and he was brilliant.  I made a  short film whilst we were taking our breaks and this is Finn and me discussing the plot line, with Aran to the right.  I will release it later.   We had a great time and we all got on really well.   In the next picture, from left to right is:- Sophie, Aran, me with...

Film Review – Jurassic World

Film Review – Jurassic World

*MINOR PLOT SPOILERS* Dinosaurs. That’s what you expect when watching a film in the Jurassic Park series, and Jurassic World certainly doesn’t pull any punches on that front. Given that the blockbuster is set in a ‘Prehistoric-style Disneyland’, the film starts all sweetness and light, with the generic Starbucks and doughnut stalls; we are soon introduced to the scary risks of the park. The acting is believable, with Chris Pratt giving a dramatic, funny and sincere performance, like in Guardians of the Galaxy. There is a comedic theme that runs through the whole film, providing many laughs, and also jump scares...