Yesterday I was due to return home after filming for CBBC in Liverpool.  We saw a news story on the t.v. in the morning and decided to go and have a look at a parade that was taking place all around Liverpool. It was part of the stories about The Titanic and in the three-day event, the 50ft diver wanders the city searching for his “little girl” niece, to give her a letter he discovered in the wreck written to her by her dead father .




We were staying at a hotel at Albert Dock and the Diver was in one of the old inland docks standing there waiting to be lifted out and set off on his march.  We looked all around the docks and visited the Maritime museum which had a lot of information about The Titanic and you could read the telegrams of what was happening at the time and the letters of people who survived or sometimes the letters were from people who had not survived.














The people who were working the giants would swing from ropes on pulleys to make the arms and legs move and the head was attached to a big crane.   It was really exciting to watch the diver when he came out of the water and started walking along the road.   We then walked to St George’s Hall so that we could see the girl coming the other way.   I think they are due to meet on Sunday but until then they are walking around Liverpool trying to find each other.

I wish I had have had my camera with me as the phone camera is useless, but it gives you an idea.