Monthly Archive: May 2012

1977 toy jubilee bus

Hello again, I found this toy in an old toy box which used to belong to my brother.  A 1977 Jubilee bus.  I don’t suppose it is worth anything because it has been well played with. Have a great Jubilee weekend. There has been a lot going on recently with revising for exams and quite a lot of auditions.  I am very happy to have got one of the auditions and I am really looking forward to starting. On Eurovision night we had a party at my brother’s house.  His in laws are Swedish to it was quite funny with...



I had a riding lesson today and it went very well.  My mum is teaching me and we borrow a pony called Poppy.   Last week Poppy was in a very bad mood and she was very naughty and chucked me off.  I had my body armour  on so it was o.k. when I fell off in the sand school.  I was a bit nervous today because I thought she might be bad again but I was told that I had to get the better of her and not to let her boss me about.   Ponies know if you are nervous and...

No Ball Games

I did a short film a while back called ‘No Ball Games’ by Richard Pengelley of Irresistible Films.   NO BALL GAMES short film gets it’s FRENCH PREMIERE at the Festival du Film Merveilleux in PARIS JUNE 2012. No Ball Games will be screened in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival from the 16th till their 27th May.  Watch the Facebook page for an update on specific times and dates. Still from the film courtesy of Irresistible Films  


I went to a big old house in Oxfordshire on Sunday.  I was doing my first ‘stunt’, it is for a film called A Stitch in Time.  I had to fall in a lake. I had a wet suit on under my clothes but it was still a bit cold.  I practised in a swimming pool a couple of times but in the end it was much easier that I thought as the water wasn’t  deep. I really enjoyed my first stunt type filming and I wanted to do it again but the Director was happy with the one take...



Adam will  be playing a main role in a new film being produced by an Australian film company. The film is being shot in France and the production team are looking for some more boys to fill various roles. The boys must be native Australian and living in the UK .  Seeking a playing age 13/14 years .  There are several roles available but particularly casting for ‘Bill’ , preferably chubby.   Please direct all enquiries to Susi Earnshaw Management at


Hi,  I am back home now and really sad to be finished at Liverpool.  I finished on Thursday and travelled back on Friday going to Spotlight before heading home.   I went to my brother’s for Saturday and came back last night.   I have had a rest today between learning lines. I met some really nice people at Stepping Up which is being produced by LA Productions for CBBC and directed by Julia Ford.  Picture one is me with Rhianna Hosmer and Daisy Whetlor . Picture two is me and Julia Ford who is the Director of Stepping Up. Picture three is...