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An interesting drive to school this morning along the back lanes.  The snow was so heavy it was breaking branches off the trees.


I went to a big old house in Oxfordshire on Sunday.  I was doing my first ‘stunt’, it is for a film called A Stitch in Time.  I had to fall in a lake. I had a wet suit on under my clothes but it was still a bit cold.  I practised in a swimming pool a couple of times but in the end it was much easier that I thought as the water wasn’t  deep. I really enjoyed my first stunt type filming and I wanted to do it again but the Director was happy with the one take...


Wow,  I have been so busy, here there and everywhere.  I was supposed to go to Liverpool today but everything was changed and I am going tomorrow instead.  I also got a job which is a short cameo and I have to fall in a lake so we went swimming today to practise going under the water and floating on the surface.  I don’t know what they want me to do yet but it was good fun practising.  Mum said not to do it too good otherwise the lifeguards would be jumping in. I had some basic scuba diving instruction last year but...


Got him, at last.  I have been trying to get a good photo of my Woodpecker and today I got him.  Also a clever squirrel climbing the chain to get to the nuts and a moorhen underneath picking up all the bits that dropped.  A good day for wildlife.  


Today a great spotted woodpecker came to my tree.  I see loads of animals and birds here.  So far I have seen Deers, rabbits, ducks, pheasants, grouse, moorhens, squirrels, and a fox.  There are  blue tits, great tits,  marsh tits and coal tits and a green woodpecker. Tonight you can see Venus just above the moon.  


I went to my brother’s for Mother’s Day and we all went out to a restaurant and I had crab cakes which were delicious followed by Carbonnara and proffiter roles.  I was stuffed and fell asleep on the way home.  Still it was a special occasion.  I am glad the weather is nice and warm and this morning when I woke up I looked out of my window and I saw something moving.  It was wierd because I have never seen a green woodpecker before and there it was right under my window.   I managed to get a quick photo...

Tough as old boots

Tough as old boots

My mum has dug out her old motorbike boots and cleaned them up.  She said they are about 33 years old!!  They have been all over the place although she didn’t walk about in them much as she was on a motorbike. I don’t keep any of my shoes because I grow out of them but is there anybody else that can break my mum’s  record for shoes or boots still being worn!  

Still Snowy

The snow hasn’t cleared here yet and it still looks pretty.  My mum took this photo on her phone yesterday and we are surprised that the apples are still on the tree.  I wonder why the birds haven’t eaten them!  

snow picture

The snow is still on the ground here and we had to dig our way out on Monday so that I could get to school.  It has gone icy now so here is a picture of when it was nice and new.