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Today we were watching The Wright Stuff and they were talking about the word BLACK being changed in the nursery rhyme BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP.  My mum said it was a rhyme about paying a third of the wool you produced to the landlord or tax collector.  The saying BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY was to do with being less wanted because black wool was not wanted as much as white wool.  You couldn’t dye it different colours.  

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, it has been mad busy this week.  I have been here, there and everywhere.  Lots of new auditions and and recalls.  I had time to do some archery practice but I wasn’t able to get a booking for my drum lesson because I couldn’t fit it in.  I have been practising hard though so I should be good for my next lesson.  I was at Canvey Island yesterday  with Archie and Darren Jeffries just finishing some last bits on a short film.  We just made it before the rain started.  We went to visit a friend of mine before we...

Valentine’s Day

Valentine was a priest in Rome and he was a martyr.  He was made a saint but he had nothing to do with anything to do with romance. The name became associated with romance because a poem was written in the Middle Ages by Geoffrey Chaucer and it became traditional to write poems and send flowers and sweets to your sweetheart.  The poems and cards were called Valentines. Apart from his name, nothing is known about St Valentine other than he was buried at Via Flaminia on February 14, AD269.   There is a myth, with no historical value, that he wrote...


I was looking at a book tonight which showed how all the different shades and types of skies and this is my picture with a sky at the end of a hot day.

Christmas cards

Download and use for christmas card.   Optional small donation appreciated for Barnardo’s at:-  

Old Digital Art

Old Digital Art

Here is some of my older digital artwork. I made these years ago so expect some cool new stuff soon!   [nggallery id=1]


This is one of my favourite drawings. I’m planning on making a cartoon featuring Chicko. He is a crazy cockerel who is always amazed by how silly the other chickens are!