Monthly Archive: February 2013


I have been off school this week and I had two auditions.  On the way to one of them I bumped into Lucinda Prince @loobee-loo, she played my mum in ‘Black Spots’ and a short while back I met Kate Hardie @KateHardie2 on the tube and she played my mum in Z1.  Of all the hundreds of people on the tube it’s funny bumping in to two ‘mums’. Talking of Z1 I am really looking forward to going to the screening on the 28th February at the British Film Institute.  I had the chance to play somebody completely different.  I...

An interesting drive to school this morning along the back lanes.  The snow was so heavy it was breaking branches off the trees.

Lais visits London – Der Medicus

This weekend I met up with Lais who comes from Germany. I played the young Rob Cole and  Lais played my sister in ‘The Physician’ and she is 7 years old. We went to Regents Park and it was very cold but we still had a good time.  Then Lais and her mum came to stay at our place for the night.  Then she went to visit her relatives who live in London. We hope to go to Berlin for the screening of ‘The Physician’  and I will see her again then.