Yesterday Emily, Jade and me finished recording a radio drama for the BBC.  It is called ‘Archie Dobson’s War’ written by Rob John and produced by the lovely Marie Crook and Stuart Fyfe.   It will be transmitted in January and it is a really moving story.  I will let you know the transmission dates later.   Marie and Stuart and everybody involved were lovely and they made us very welcome and comfortable.   I met up with Stephanie Racine who played my aunt on this project, she played my mum on a previous drama for the BBC, called ‘Storm’ and Harry Jardine who played my cousin was also in the BBC production of ‘The world according to Garp’ which we recorded  in November.

I spent a lot of time talking to Scott Joseph, who played my uncle,  who does a lot of radio productions and he told me all sorts of interesting things and was really helpful about being a radio actor.  Thank you to Laura Hyde for sorting all the arrangements.

From left to right it is Emily, Jade and me.  We all go to the same school, and we are also regular presenters on the internet radio provided via and the programme is called Theyoung1s and it is on every Wednesday between 4 p.m. to 6. p.m. you can listen live at and hear what young people debate about with some good songs thrown in.

BBC Radio - Archie Dobson's War 001

Stephanie Racine graduated from Bristol Old Vic and was Carlton Hobbs Winner 2012.



Scott Joseph. As well as his professional acting work, he regularly produces audio descriptive voice over content for several clients (including BBC, Channel 4 and UK TV).  He also has  a professional home recording studio.

Scott Joseph


Harry Jardine  graduated from RADA. He immediately joined the Carlton Hobbs radio award where he has been working with an abundance of established artists and directors. He has just finishing shooting on Ron Howard’s new feature In the Heart of the Sea.

Harry Jardine


John Norton played my dad, he is an actor, DJ and producer. He gained a BA in Drama from Manchester University in 1993

John Norton


Tracy Wiles played my mum, she trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama and was a winner of the coveted Carleton Hobbs BBC Radio Drama Award.

Tracy Wiles

Hope to meet you guys again soon.  Happy Christmas and a great New Year.