I have been off school this week and I had two auditions.  On the way to one of them I bumped into Lucinda Prince @loobee-loo, she played my mum in ‘Black Spots’ and a short while back I met Kate Hardie @KateHardie2 on the tube and she played my mum in Z1.  Of all the hundreds of people on the tube it’s funny bumping in to two ‘mums’.

Talking of Z1 I am really looking forward to going to the screening on the 28th February at the British Film Institute.  I had the chance to play somebody completely different.  I am a right nasty piece of work although my real mum says ‘I look like butter wouldn’t melt’ . I can’t wait to see the reaction on peoples faces when I start doing my stuff.  Nasty!!!   Gabriel Gauchet,  is an award winning director and we are all meeting up for the screening on the South Bank.

BFI Southbank

BFI Southbank (1)