I just heard that Derek VS Derek has finished it’s post production and is being sent to many film festivals.  This is a short film with Director Sebastian Barner-Rasmussen who is a graduate at The London Film School.  I was introduced to Sebastian by Edward Hemmings as I had worked on one of his films way back in 2010 when I played Vassily in his film called Vassily and Petra.    I am pleased to see Edward is doing so well.  He was the assistant Producer on  The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies which has just won the BAFTA for best MINI Series. Also actor, Jason Watkins winning the second BAFTA for the production with BEST ACTOR.  Well done to Edward too. 

Here is a link to the short film Edward produced 5 years ago!It is so funny looking at myself when I was 10 years old. There is a cracking view of London when we were on the top of a very tall building at sunrise over London. Vassily and Petra

Back to Derek VS Derek.

Here is a photo from Derek VS Derek. The story is about a boxing match where Derek’s father, who is also called Derek expects more from his son.  I play Derek.

Displaying Derek v Derek 023.JPG

My friend Jamie Dickinson played Paul.  It was filmed in 2013.  I will put a small clip on  as soon as it is approved.