I have been watching the coverage of the VE day celebrations on the BBC and thought I would pay respect to my grandparents who both went through the war.  My Grandad was a Royal Marine and served on several ships including The Ark Royal. My mum has all his medals, ships records and even his uniform jacket. I believe he was just 18 years old in this photograph.

unnamed (5) Thomas Carr


My Gran worked in a munitions factory and she lived in Liverpool which was badly bombed.  Her parents house was bombed and luckily they escaped but her hair was burnt.  Then she was bombed out of a second house.  She was lucky to come through.  Her brother went missing at sea when he was  18 and was never heard of again.

unnamed (46) Sarah Carr (nee Matthews)

Gran was also about 19 in this photo.  She lived until she was 91 years old and Grandad until he was 80.