Wow! It is so hot today.  I went into London yesterday to do a read through for a new short film.  It is another horror film and I am really looking forward to doing it.  It will be scary!  I am off to the BBC next week to record a part in a period radio drama about the British Monarchy.  I will be a prince!!!   At the end of May, I will be filming a short film which has a dark fantasy theme. So May has been all go, which is great. Actor, Tom Payne, who played the older me in The Physician is going to star  in a new “quantum theory” thriller DxM announced at Cannes the other day.  I am very envious because this is what I would like to do for real when I grow up (apart from acting). I am particularly interested in Physics, especially Astrophysics.  Congratulations Tom!!!  I hope the good weather lasts through to half term, which starts next week. I am looking forward to some lie ins. The Physician - Berlin World Premier