U+PROJECT is backing Barnet Film Competition



An Interview with Matthew Modine

Adam Thomas Wright, one of our U+ members has entered his 2 min short film into a competition which is being held by Barnet Cut Films.  It is an annual competition.
Adam was away filming in Yorkshire when he was told about it and he was asked if he could submit a short film.  As he was the only child on set, he was a bit unsure as to what he could do.  Then he had the bright idea of asking the main actor on set if he would help out and it worked out brilliantly.  The film was filmed on an iPad during a rest period.
Click the link below to see ‘An Interview with Matthew Modine’.
As this is a competition it would be great if you would consider voting for his film.  Just go to cutfilms.org/Barnet or on Facebook or Yahoo or all of them if you like!
Good luck Adam – we’re routing for you!
You can view all the other films in the competition too, on the website. http://www.cutfilms.org/Barnet


Offering FREE filmmaking workshops for young people across Barnet to enter into our annual competition. Looking at Tobacco issues. stacey@cutfilms.org       Barnet · cutfilms.org/Barnet