It has been nearly a week since I came back from Yorkshire.  I was there for a month and I had a great time.  It rained a lot and quite a lot of the filming was outdoors.  It was quite cold sometimes but we had hot water bottles and blankets and there was always plenty of food.  I had mainly late starts because a lot of the filming was done when it was nearly dark.  We also filmed in a big creepy old house which was colder inside than the weather outside.   I had fun with other members of the cast and crew and the 4 weeks went by really quickly.   The Director, Nick Willing (Neverland) was really good fun to be around, he was always joking and winding me up.


Here is Antonia, we spent a lot of time on the internet looking at funny things and it was like having a  big sister. Mathew was great fun to be with as well.  Olivia was nice and brought goodies to the make up room.

IMG_3321 IMG_3327 Altar 004


As soon as I got back I had a couple of auditions to do and I am going on some sort of photo shoot on Monday, more later.

I am also looking forward to going to Belgium soon to film a small part in a new t.v. drama.  More of that later too.