Here is a copy of page from I had a great time meeting Matthew Modine on the set of ALTAR, the new film from Nick Willing and his daughter Ruby is so talented, I am sure we will be hearing more about her this side of the pond soon.

The Young1s at EN5Radio
“One of our regular presenters, Adam Thomas Wright, had the opportunity to meet Hollywood actor,  Matthew Modine.  They were working together on the new Nick Willing film ‘ALTAR’ and got on very well spending a lot of time chatting about music, games etc:  Mathew also showed Adam some videos of his daughter Ruby, who is a singer/songwriter and we are pleased to share this with our followers as she is relatively unknown in the UK and is very talented. So you heard it first on  We will playing Ruby’s music on theyoung1s radio show soon”.

Trigger Finger (2013) ©
Inspired by Ruby’s poem ‘ A City Set Aflame’ ©


As Tears Go By (2012)
“As Tears Go By” was written by The Rolling Stones. Ruby worked with producer Andrew Hollander to create a darker, more emotional rendition of the 1964 classic.