I am so looking forward  to seeing Timothy Spall @pastafa on the new BBC comedy ‘Blandings’ I think he is one of the best actors and I watch and learn from him.  At school, I am told that I have to sing and dance, I can sing and dance o.k. but my main interest and strength is drama .  Timothy Spall has played so many different parts and is a real character actor.  You don’t see him doing much singing, but I remember him being brilliant in ‘The Fattest Man in Britain’ on the karaoke  machine!     ‘The Syndicate’ is coming back too which made me laugh and cry sometimes.   He is still my favourite.   We visited Blenheim Palace after Christmas and walked around the gardens and I wonder if this is based on the Blandfords?  They look as if they could be related and funnily, I look as if I could be too!

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