This is my number 100 post on my artifarty website .  The website started two years ago and this new one was upgraded last year.  I hope you find it interesting.

Last Thursday I went to the private screening of ‘No Ball Games’ by Richard Pengelley.  It was very good and lots of people were there.  I was the only kid but it was fine because lots of people talked to me anyway and  Richard, the director and Georgina, the producer and the crew were all very friendly and made me very welcome.  Here is a picture of Richard Pengelley messing about during filming. Below is a youtube link to the trailer.  I had a great time on this shoot even though it was done during the time of the Hackney riots and we were filming in Hackney and had to stop and leave because the police came and said the riots were coming our way.   We had to make another date but as you can see it all turned out right in the end.