THE SANDMAN by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has partnered with the streaming audiobook service Audible for a multi-part adaptation of his comic series, featuring a cast filled with the biggest names in Hollywood. And Me!

I am over the moon to be part of this great production. It was a huge challenge and I enjoyed every minute of it.

The brilliant Dirk Maggs cast me in several parts with various accents English and American. I first met Dirk and Neil Gaiman when I was cast to play ‘The Antichrist’, Adam, in Gaiman’s and Terry Pratchett’s BBC Radio 4’s adaption of ‘Good Omens’.

Good Omens read through

The Sandman is available on Audible from the 15th July 2020 and this will be one of the most exciting productions for audio drama. Check out the teaser trailer on Dirk’s twitter feed and click on the Digital Spy link for the article and exclusive trailer. Click on the picture to read the article and listen to the trailer.

You can pre order from Audible.