Well folks, I know I have been a  bit quite again but things have been a bit hectic but not on the acting side.

I have been going to a number of auditions and on several of them I have been down to the last knockings and then that ‘pencil in’ fades out.  Still, I won’t complain because at least I am being seen and my agent is still working his socks off.

I have been rather busy though with my own short film, The Drive.  I have a page on @patreon.com which is a way of having people who want to know what you are doing and become involved. They can get on board as a patron and follow the project all the way through to the screening and film festivals.

I have been saving up like mad and have more or less got the amount together I need to complete the film.  Lots of shots have been done and some more are scheduled for next week.  The most difficult ones are done and now it is just a case of tying up the remainder of the locations and making sure that the actors are available.

We did everything by the book with permits and loads of forms to fill in on safety and insurance etc.  I am really pleased that we did this and it has been a great learning curve because as things get bigger, at least I have had the experience of what needs to be done.

We filmed on the beach in Kent and just above the beach there was a hotel and we were able to hire one of their conference rooms for the day.  It made life so much easier.  We were able to set up our equipment, wardrobe and food.

It was an incredibly hot day and we had some issues with the sun.  On the whole, the filming went really well and in the edit, I was very pleased with our efforts.

At one point the tide was coming in and we had to finish quickly otherwise we would have been stuck there until it went out as the cliffs behind us were very high and vertical.

I will be back again soon with some more news and hopefully we will get some more in the can next week.

I will be doing a push on my patreon site to find more patrons.  We want to put this film in some good festivals and they are expensive.  All proceeds will go to funding the festival entries.  So if you want to join in go to


There are great rewards and we hope to get our screening at the BFI in London.  Any support would be fantastic.