Yesterday I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Vin + Omi Fashion Show in London.  

vin-omi-fashion-show-2016 vin-omi

Me at my first fashion show                                                        VIN + OMI

This was my first fashion show and it was very exciting.  It was similar to a Gala film screening with everyone buzzing about and people shouting for photographs and everybody looking super glamorous. Everybody was packed in looking forward to the show. 


The collection was a riot of colour and the models walked slowly up and down to loud applause and everybody clamouring to get film or pictures on their phones and ipads.  You can watch the show here:-

Vin + Omi are Fashion and Multi Media Designers who work internationally. Their fashion work spans film, television, music and one-off creations.


Vin has a background in sculpture working mainly with experimental materials; he exhibits, and is collected, worldwide. He also is Director of a public art agency and renowned Arts Consultant to many institutions such as the Royal Historical Palaces.

Omi started his career as a celebrity, artistic and fashion photographer before co-founded a newspaper in his native Singapore winning awards for his journalistic news coverage.

They received an award from The National Endowment for Science and Technology for developing a new latex hybrid fabric which was developed for wearable fashion.

They have developed strong connections with the film and music industry in the USA and have designed clothing for many major creative figures.

Today, Vin + Omi’s works spans product design, art and design and consultation internationally. They are currently working on projects in Dubai, the USA and Europe. But first and foremost their passion is … fashion.

Take a look at my coverage of the event.