I have selected some of the music videos I have done over the years and put them in age order.  I can watch myself growing up to music!

The first one is by Thee Uncomfortables and is called Levi’s Genes.  This was a great day and filmed about 7 years ago. We got to have a real food fight. I was Kurt Cobain.

The next video was by Mujde and called ‘Distorted Pictures’.  This was much more serious about domestic abuse, although I would say that the violent bits were edited and I was not aware of what was happening at the time.

Next is the Panasonic song, ‘Shall be Done’ by Sarah Brightman.  This was another fun day on an apple farm.  I remember climbing all over the wagons and tractors during lunchtime.  Really long hair!

‘Made in China’ was a video made for a young band called Rat Race.  It was a lovely summer day and I enjoyed getting to ride my bike around a park near Croydon somewhere.

On a freezing cold day in a quarry in Bacup, this video called ‘As I Drown’ by The Defiled is one of my favourites. It was mad. The crew were great. There was no vehicle access other than a special terrain vehicle. It was like camping. The waterfall in the background is really frozen!  I also got to show my angry side for a change!

Lastly, the lovely Aurora and her single called ‘Conqueror’ This was filmed, last year,  in a beautiful old chapel in London and Aurora was great.  Quite often you are ‘kept away‘ from the ‘star’ when filming but she actually came out and invited us into her rooms and shared her sweets and goodies with me.  We spoke about all sorts of things and she was so natural and warm.  A great memory.  This track has over 3 MILLION views! ALSO, I am fluent in binary and when I saw what I had to do, I wrote the latter part of the notes for real….Do you know what it says?

P.S.  I am not a giant, Aurora is tiny!

I hope you enjoyed the time travel.