A short while ago I was lucky enough to take part in the new music video for Aurora called Conqueror.  I had a great day and Aurora was really great and a pleasure to work with.  You can see the video on Youtube at:-

Aurora – Conqueror

The video was directed by Kenny McKracken at the fantastic Asylum Church in Peckham.    I was asked to write in binary.  Luckily I am fluent in binary, much to everyone’s surprise so we decided which word to write which fitted in with the story of the video.  One of the comments on Youtube has already picked it up!  I knew somebody would!

I took a look at the numbers that the boy is writing in 1:41 – those are letters encoded in ASCII in binary form. Each 8 bits/numbers = 1 letter. In this case, here we have numbers 01000010 (this is the “B” letter), 01101111(the “o” letter) and 01111001 (“y”). No more numbers are used and those used always go in the same order. So he is writing “Boy” all the time – BoyBoyBoyBoy etc. Feel free to speculate what the meaning is.
The Album, All my Demons Greeting me as a Friend, comes out on the 11th March and it is on pre order now from iTunes.