I have just arrived back from New York today.   I have been there before but it was only for one day.  It was over 4 years ago , April 2011 and I went for a screening with Kiefer Sutherland for a new t.v. series called ‘Touch’ directed by Tim Kring.  I didn’t get the role unfortunately but my mum said we would come back another time to have more of a visit.  Well it took four years but we got there eventually and we had a great time.

Behind these Christmas balls is the building where I went for my audition at that time.  It is the 21st Century Fox building on the Avenue of the Americas and one of the tallest buildings on the block.

IMG_20151224_172738 (1)

 I can remember being very nervous.  I am fifteen years old now so that seems a long time ago now.  The weather was very warm in NY and on Christmas Eve we were eating ice cream.


I have had a great 2015 so really looking forward to 2016.

p.s.  I saw Adrian Pasdar from ‘Heroes’ walking by Times Square, Tim Kring also directed ‘Heroes.’