After six weeks in three different locations in the Netherlands, I am back home and back to school.  Filming the Windmill was really interesting as, although I have done horror type films before, this one is incredibly gory.  You will need to have a strong stomach for ‘The Windmill’.  Directed by Nick Jongerius 

Amsterdam , The Windmill 163 - Copy


sainou_FB_logo_2_400x400   Young client Adam Thomas Wright has been in the Netherlands shooting the leading role of Curt in new feature film The Windmill.

The Windmill is an English-spoken modern day slasher situated in the Netherlands. The Windmill Massacre will combine all the richness and traditions that the Netherlands has to offer, but then drenches them in blood. The film will reveal a new face of terror. He is called: the Miller. The perception of the Netherlands as a country of green fields of grass, grazing black & white cows, tulip fields, wide open skies – and Windmills – will never be the same again.