A new 15 minute x 10 drama series called Early One Morning is on BBCRadio4 every day, mid week.  Directed by Emma Harding.  Catch up on BBC iplayer if you miss it.

Early One Morning,  Episode 1


You can meet the cast here:-


Greta Scacchi narrates the drama. It is basically a love story between a woman and a boy set in World War II. It is Virginia Baily’s second novel.

Daniele Levi is a boy of about seven, living in Rome’s Jewish quarter; it’s 1944, and the German occupying forces raid the area and round up its inhabitants. We see Daniele and his family on a truck, his mother in a “going-away outfit”, as if she had planned an escape there wasn’t time for. In her panic, and intuiting what awaits, Daniele’s mother hands her son over to an onlooker, a young woman. This is our protagonist and chief narrator, Chiara Ravello. What follows is the story of how Chiara and Daniele’s two lives, brutally flung together, play out.