The Summer holidays are nearly over but I crammed a lot in and it has gone very quickly.  I recorded a part in another radio play for the BBC called Black Dog and I performed a small role in the American T.V. series, The Royals, just recently.


It was great fun and the set was stunning.

I also submitted one of my own short films to an American film festival.  I did everything in it.  I acted both parts and scripted, filmed and edited it.  I was hoping for a recognition in the production.  However, I was delighted to get a nomination for best actor under 18.

Gifa nomination for Split Personality

I  have been using my time off school to produce some docu/info short films.  I am aiming them at children my age and showing them that you don’t have to be an adult to do this sort of thing.  I have put a link on below to my Youtube Channel.  Take a look at the films and if you like them, please subscribe to the channel.

Artifarty Youtube channel

I am looking forward to starting at Elstree UTC in September where I will be doing Film Studies, and other industry related courses.