The Tooth Fairy trailer has just been released and the Kickstarter campaign has begun.  This is a dark tale with a  twist to the Peter Pan story.

Years after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys defeated Hook and the pirates, the film centres on Billy, an abused and neglected boy in the heart of modern day London…

As he sleeps one night, Billy is visited by a Tooth Fairy. Addicted to pixie dust and wielding a bat, she’s on the hunt for Teeth whether they’re under the pillow or not and Billy wakes up just in time to save his. As an unlikely friendship grows between them, the Fairy’s dealer ‘Pete’ arrives and Billy is offered an invitation to a life of adventure, far, far away from his abusive home life.

But this invitation comes at a hefty price….

Now the film is shot, we need to raise money for the post production, especially for the VFX (Visual Effects) sequences that need to be completed. We need £3000 to make that happen, and that’s why we’re reaching out on Kickstarter…

Have a look at the goodies you can pledge for.  Thanks.

Click here:-   Kickstarter