Today I went to a poetry reading.

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I entered a poem into the Barnet Poetry Competition, for 2014,  run by Barnet Borough Arts Council and got a third placing.  I got a cash prize and all the winners poems are published in The Barnet Poetry Anthology.

It is open to all and they have an adult section and a junior section.  The Judge was Katherine Gallagher.

Here is the poem.
When I was a child,
I needed to be wealthy,
I would much rather have fortune,
Than to be prosperous or healthy.
When I was a teen,
I wanted to be wealthy,
I would rather have the cash,
Than to be clever and healthy.
When I was an adult,
I dreamed of being wealthy,
I would prefer to have money,
Than to be happy and healthy.
When I was old,
I didn’t care for being wealthy,
It didn’t really matter,
As long as I was healthy.