The week before last I was in Prague.  I was filming an info commercial and it was very cold.  You can see the green gas heater right next to me that was blowing hot air on me all the time.  The whole shoot was really great and I got to travel around the world albeit with the help of CGI.

Prague 002

This boy is called Charles, he didn’t speak English but we got on well.  He was my body double. The next photo is the Director , Jeppe Ronde, far right, the camera man, in the middle is Sebastian Blenkov and the Producer, Franck Percher.  Everything went really well and I got time to have a look around Prague.  I was treated like a King!!!

Prague 010   Acadomia 2


There will be some fantastic screen grabs to come later.  In the meantime here are some great photos of Prague including the Astronomical Clock which I was very keen to see.

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