THE CORRECTIONS is a fifteen episode, each 15 minutes long,  drama written by Jonathan Franzen, adapted by Marcy Kehan and directed by Emma Harding.  It is the first ever dramatisation of Franzen’s  novel about the tribulations of a dysfunctional Midwestern family.


The drama starts Monday 5th January, and is on at 10.45 a.m. and repeated at 7.45 p.m. every weekday night starting from Monday.

Episode 1: The Failure – Chip Lambert arrives at La Guardia airport, New York, to meet his parents, Alfred and Enid, and take them back to his Manhattan apartment for lunch. But Alfred appears to be in a bad way, and Chip has his own troubles – his academic career has ended in disgrace, his girlfriend appears to be dumping him and his semi-autobiographical screenplay is in need of urgent corrections.

Cast details

Role Contributor
Narrator Richard Schiff
Enid Lambert Maggie Steed
Alfred Lambert Colin Stinton
Gary Lambert Richard Laing
Chip Lambert Julian Rhind-Tutt
Denise Lambert Roslyn Hill
Julia Vrais Kelly Burke
Eden Procuro Elaine Claxton
Gitanas Misevicius Sam Dale
Melissa Paquette Bettrys Jones
Caroline Lambert Jane Slavin
Caleb Lambert Adam Thomas Wright
Jonah Lambert Sean McCrystal
Author Jonathan Franzen
Adaptor Marcy Kahan
Director Emma Harding

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