December is busy  for me.  If you like war time dramas, don’t miss ‘Harriet’s Army’ which is a great story about a bunch of kids and what happened in their village during war time.  I play Lewis Brown who is autistic and inadvertently stubbles across some clues which sets off a exciting chain of events.

Pic 1.  Ciara Baxendale plays Harriet and me as Lewis Brown     CBBC  20th DECEMBER AT 5.30 P.M.  (nominated for Kidscreen Award)

Harriet's army still - Copy


Next comes ‘GOOD OMENS’,  this is a big exciting radio drama for RADIO  4 and features a host of very well known actors. The first two episodes start on the 22nd December and carry on each night until the final on the 27th December.

The First Hour Long introductory episode on the 22nd starts at 11.oo p.m.  The reaction to this drama on Twitter has been massive.

Lots of information, photos and clips can be found here:-

Pic 2. Illustration from BBC4 Radio website.  I play Adam the Antichrist



Pic 3.  Courtesy of BBC Website – Here are ‘The Them’



Next but certainly not least is ‘THE HAUNTING OF RADCLIFFE HOUSE’  aka ALTAR

This is my latest feature film and it will be shown for the first time on Channel 5 t.v. on 27th December at 9.30.  This is a really spooky story and if you like being frightened, this is the one for you.

Brilliant Matthew Modine plays my dad, Olivia Williams my mum and the lovely Antonia Clarke is my sister.


And lastly don’t forget the last episode of The Missing tomorrow night, BBC 1 – 9 p.m.  with the fantastic James Nesbitt.  I was only in the first episode but the drama has been gripping from start to finish.

unnamed (22)

Enjoy! and A HUGE, HUGE thanks to everyone involved.

2014 will have lots of good memories including ‘LADY LUCK’ FILM by Jo Lewis winning BEST NEWCOMER IN MONACO

Monaco 2014 016