Read all about my new film ‘Altar’ .  I play the son of the family and Matthew Modine is my dad.  You can see from the picture below, he is not  himself at the moment and the film slowly turns into a nightmare for all concerned.   Olivia Williams is my mum and Antonia Clarke is my sister.  Rebecca Calder is also brilliant in her role and the film will have you jumping out of your seat.   If you like horror films, this is for you.


A Kickstarter campaign is under way for our New York premier for the film.  You can find out all about the rewards on the link below:-

Antonia, Olivia and me


Here is a small section from the article by Director and Writer, Nick Willing:-

Filmed on location in the brooding moors of Yorkshire, England in early 2014, ALTAR stars Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams with fresh young talents Antonia Clark and Adam Thomas Wright, as well as a powerful ensemble whose chilling performance keeps audiences riveted to their seats.

Writing ALTAR, Nick Willing drew inspiration from some of the great horror films of the 60s and 70s, where fear is based as much upon psychological terror as it is on visual frights. ALTAR reflects the electric yet palpably malevolent tone and atmosphere of such classics as The Shining, Don’t Look Now and The Omen. And its hellish twists and turns indeed live up to the august legacy of such cornerstones in cinematic horror.

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