Take a look at the new U+ website.  This is a great website which is aimed at people under 25 years old.  You can enter competitions and there is a wall where you can put your photographs, artwork etc: and you can sell your work, if you want.  They also offer all sorts of creative opportunities in production,  presenting, all sorts of courses and events, the list just goes on.  It is a non profit organisation so everything is free to enter.  They recently opened their new office in the USA and there is a competition running now where you an make a trailer for your film, enter it on the site and it will be judged by a panel of experts.  There is the opportunity that, if you win,  your trailer will be made into  a film with the help of film professionals and screened in film festivals and you will go to Hollywood or London depending where you are from.    Go to the site and have a look.  There are lots of things to get involved in.

Are you ready to make it in the movie business?

STEP ONE: Make your trailer in iMovie, Adobe™ Premier, or similar editing software.
STEP TWO: Go to COMPETITIONS & upload your entry.
STEP THREE: Share it with your friends and ask them to like it.

The trailers with the most likes will go before a panel of judges who then choose the winner. The winner will receive a free round trip ticket to Los Angeles or London depending where you live. This could be you!

The competition is NOW OPEN so get creating!! Closing deadline is Wednesday August 13th May!