Believing that the young talents of today will be the big names of cinema in the future, the Festival de Cannes created  “Cannes Short Film” in 2011.   Today is the start of the Cannes Film Festival  and I am pleased to say that  a short film that I was involved in has been entered this year.  It was a couple  of years ago that I filmed a sort of cameo role  in a short film called ‘Stitched’

This is a picture of me and Scarlett Clegg who played my little sister.

13.5.12 003

Stitched is a dark and twisted tale, about a grandmother longing to be young again. This is a horror fantasy for both the young and the old.

Director: Luke de Lacey  Production:  Elizabeth Cook      GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY

Writers:  Craig Jenner (script editor), Luke de Lacey