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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Harriet’s Army

My Mad Fat Diary star Ciara Baxendale (represented by Cole Kitchenn) leads the cast as Harriet in a new 3-part drama for CBBC, Harriet’s Army.

She is joined by 18 year old Sophie Wright (who played Tix in the first series of My Mad Fat Diary) as Violet Croft, with Ben Ryan-Davies playing Harriet’s brother Edward. The ensemble cast also includes James Baxter as Stephen Croft, Matthew McGreevy as Jimmy, Max True, as Sam Grange and Adam Thomas Wright as Lewis Brown.

Harriet’s Army is a gripping new three-part CBBC drama series, set during World War One and following a group of children in a small English town as they hold the Home Front and discover the true enemy within.Fourteen-year-old Hattie is a girl who doesn’t fit in, and when she’s kicked out of the Girl Guides for getting involved in a fight, her father doesn’t know what to do with her. As war breaks out and the efforts of the Scouts and Guides are volunteered in support of the war, Harriet feels sidelined and forms her own ‘army’ of misfits, mounting their own patrols and searching for German spies.Hattie’s Army highlights the astonishing and genuinely important role played by the children and young people who were left behind when their fathers and brothers went to fight in the trenches.Directed by Stewart Svaasand, produced by Foz Allen, and written by Guy Burt, filming on the new series has just wrapped in Newcastle.