I am on a train going to Newcastle, at last.  First we tried to go from our local station but the train just never turned up. We met a man who was also trying to get to London and we got a lift to another station from him.  The London train was also delayed by 35 minutes but we are now on our way.  Hurray.  This is my last week on Harriet’s Army and I am looking forward to doing my most exciting scene, can’t tell you what it is as that would spoil the surprise!

When I get back I need to go and do some ADR work on ‘Altar’.  The director has made some changes and added some more stuff.  I like doing ADR. It is funny watching yourself and then speaking to fit it in in the right place.  The film is off to the Toronto Film Festival .

Here is a cheeky peek at my current drama and a snap of my hair being chopped off. Ha  Ha…

Harriet's army 2 - Copy hair