Last week was mad busy with lots of auditions all at once.  At the weekend I was invited to receive a prize and copy of a book produced by Barnet Arts Council as I won a third prize in the 12 to 16 year section of the 2012 poetry competition.

This is my poem.


Should I find a genie in a bottle

Would I set him free

Or would I keep him for myself

A prisoner and a slave to me


Would that be the right thing to do

To watch him sitting there

Alone and maybe very sad

How could that be fair


Would it make me feel guilty

Would it make me sad

Would it make me greedy

Would it make me bad


Could I live with such a burden

Would it bother me

Would it let me rest in peace

Just to let him free

I couldn’t go to the prize giving because I was filming a short film called ‘Platz’ which was written by Jack Tennant and Andrew T Wright   (I am not related to Andrew) and directed by Jack Tennant.  I had a great time and all the crew were good fun.  I was surprised to meet up with Ilona Bou-Habib who played my ‘daughter’ in ‘Once a Man’ and also on set I was glad to meet up again with one of the crew from ‘No Ball Games’.  It was nice to bump into people I know.  I ate enough jaffa cakes to sink a ship! 🙂

Jack Tennant, Director      Jack Tennant