Well,  we went to London on Wednesday and I went to an audition then we went and got tickets for Skyfall in Leicester Square.  There were big queues later so I am glad we got our tickets before we went to have something to eat.  Skyfall was incredible one of the best Bond films ever.  After that we walked down to Trafalgar Square and got the Ghost bus Tour.  It was great and a bit scary.  The actors on the bus were funny and took us to all the places where people were beheaded or hung drawn and quartered.  We went to a place where there are still thousands of skeletons buried under the streets from the plague.  We stopped at a place called Cock Lane and it was really funny because there was a ghost called Fanny and she used to scratch on the doors and walls and they called her ‘Scratching Fanny’.  We thought it might be a wind up but we looked it up on the internet and it is true!  I couldn’t stop laughing!

It had been a busy week before then because I was filming the short film LADY LUCK at Hammerwood Park near East Grinstead.  The house used to belong to Led Zepellin but it was in a right state.  There were loads of interesting things lying around the place but it needs a fortune spending on it.  Very creepy and good for our film.   I had a great time with a great crew.  The Director, Jo Lewis, was really nice and Jodi who did my make-up  and Anisha who found all the old clothes for me.  Everyone from Scruffbag Productions and Breakneck Films.

Abi Titmuss played my mum, Richard Strange was my uncle Oscar and I had a great time with Tav Macdougall who played my dad.

Richard Strange and me in the greenhouse.