More about ‘The Physician’ – ‘Der Medicus’

I have been catching up with stuff back home but I wanted to show some pictures of some of the great people I met over the last couple of weeks. The Director Philipp Stölzl was really good and taught me a lot.

Stellen Skarsgard was brilliant.  He made me laugh a lot and helped me a lot discussing how we should play together.  He made lots of jokes and was always happy. He pretended to enjoy kicking me around and being horrible to me .

Although I never acted with Tom Payne  because he is me, Rob Cole,  as a grown up, he was on set quite a lot and we got on well and he is good fun.

My family wasLais Benjamin Campos who played my little sister and she was really cute and good fun.  She was really nice to have around. She was only 6 years old and it was her first film.  My little brother was played byAaron Kissiov, what a great name!  and my mum was played byJodie McNee  who really nice to me and was a great actress and made it easy for me to play my sad bits when I looked at her.



















Aidan Kelly played the priest and he was a nice guy to talk to and spend time with.

Thanks to everyone for a great time.

I can’t wait to see the finished film next year.