I have had a busy week with quite a few auditions and lots of lines to learn.  I also have my speech exams next week so I have been concentrating on learning everything.  This week went by really quickly and soon it will be the school holidays.  Yay.    So it is St Patrick’s day today.  I was reading how it used to be a religious festival and it became a social one due to the fact that the Irish who emigrated to America were the first ones to start the St Patrick’s day parade because they wanted to celebrate their Irish roots.  It is celebrated all over the world now but more to do with Guinness!

Mother’s day tomorrow.  We are going to visit my brother and go out to dinner.  I am looking forward to going because I haven’t seen him for a few weeks.

It is raining today,  I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.  Nice blue and sunny skies for Sunday please.