I have been very busy learning stuff and haven’t written anything for a while, so this is what I have been doing.

I have had to learn two audition scripts, one for America and one for Australia.  I can do an American accent but I have had to be tutored for the Australian accent but it has all come together now.  I also have a speech exam near the end of the month and have two long monologues to perform for the exam.  They have to be exactly right so I have been practising hard.  I also have to learn two songs to perform at school.  I don’t listen much to music videos or the radio so I don’t know the words to most of the stuff out at the moment so I have chosen somthing funny from the 80’s and a soul song from the 60’s.

Keifer Sutherland is on his way to the UK to promote ‘Touch’.  Here is a photo of me when I went to New York to screen test with Keifer for the part of his son.   Missed out on that one but keeping fingers crossed for the new auditions.

I hope it stops raining because I am going to ride Poppy this afternoon after school.  Wednesday is my day for Poppy and it always seems to be raining!!  just stop.