Do you want to be in a music video?  There is no pay involved but you could be involved with a band called HELEN AND THE SIRENS and they are doing a new video where they want people to send in clips of themselves and then they will pick the best ones to be in their video.  I have done one and sent it in.     You don’t have to learn all of it, just a chorus or a verse, you choose and then you have to mime it into your computer or iphone and send it in.  Details below:-

Here’s where the fun begins…
Filming your video part should only take10 minutes of your time and it will be the band’s official new video for their hit online single Gold. The video will also be played at the band’s EP press launch for International Women’s Day in London’s Riverside Studios. It will have airplay of numerous Radio Stations and is expected to be on a hell of a lot of Music Channels, not just in the UK, but all over the world. So this will be a fantastic edition for your CV.
The video will be an edit made up of hundreds of snippets of people from all over the UK and indeed the world singing/miming Gold  in front of their computer screens.
1)  Memorise the words or have them on screen.  Then press play on the attached audio file.
2)  Have something gold ready to be in the shot. Anything. You could even paint your face gold, wear gold lipstick… nail varnish, have a gold trophy in view…anything!
3)  Sit in front of your computer and record yourself staring at your iphone/web cam as if it’s your screen for 10 seconds before pressing play and miming your chosen part. Keep staring for another 10 secs when finished.
4)  Be a diva, be beautiful, be foul, be serious, be stupid, be original, be crazy. Anything. Nothing can be wrong.
Please only do one take as we will only be using sections in the edit. Don’t worry about doing the perfect take.
Remember – Before you press play on the link, please record yourself staring at the camera for 10 seconds before and after the song.
We need your videos in before the 15th of March, but the sooner you do them the better.
When shot please email your file to AND  ALL ENQUIRIES TO:-