What is Pancake day.   It is called Shrove Tuesday and is the last chance to eat whatever you like.  Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent which is  a Christian festival where you give something up for Lent.   Nowadays it is something like chocolate or cakes but in the olden days it would have been normal things like eggs and butter.  Lent goes on right up to Easter Sunday and that works out to 47 days of giving up something, like a sort of a sacrifice or proof of willpower. 

Shrove comes from the word shrive which means to confess.  In the Middle Ages people used to confess their sins so that they would be forgiven before Lent began.

In Brazil, Sweden and France , pancake day is called “FAT TUESDAY”  !!  Iceland call it “BURSTING DAY” !!

We made some pancakes with lemon and sugar,  I can see why it is called bursting day!  Lying on the sofa now with a belly full of pancakes.